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Clemons & Sons Trucking Will Get Your Wood to the Mill!

When you run a lumber mill, you need your logs. You need them hauled from the woods to you. You need them safely delivered and in great shape. You need those forestry products brought to you on time, ready for the job that you have to do. You need a dependable company to haul them.

Place your trust in Clemons & Sons Trucking in Norridgewock, ME.

We professionally, promptly and safely haul your logs directly out of the woods where they were hewn and deliver them to your mill, no matter where you are in Maine, at any time. You need your logs; Clemons & Sons Trucking will deliver your logs.

Contact us today at (207) 431-3747 or [email protected] for all your log hauling needs.

Trucking Done Right in the State of Maine!

Clemons & Sons Trucking owns an outstanding safety record on the highway. We take pride in getting your logs to your lumber mill as safely as possible. 

Clemons & Sons Trucking operates under USDOT No. 1678390.


We bring logs directly out of the woods where they were hewn and deliver them to your mill.


Hauling your logs & lumber on time while avoiding haphazardly conditions.


Running truck loads of forestry products per week throughout Maine.

And We Will Efficiently Deliver Your Forestry Products

You want your wood delivered as quickly and in the best shape as possible. You do not want your hauler to haphazardly bring your logs! Your forestry products will arrive in great condition and on time when you trust Clemons & Sons Trucking! We always steer you right, with prompt, professional delivery.

Crews with Deliveries Run Seven Days a Week!

Wherever the woods may be, or wherever your mill may be, Clemons & Sons Trucking is there! We operate out of Somerset County, making runs throughout the entirety of Maine! We haul your forestry products 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trust Clemons & Sons Trucking to efficiently, effectively, and safely haul and deliver your logs.

Contact us today by phone at (207) 431-3747, by fax at (207) 634-5996 or by emailing [email protected].

When you need your wood there, Clemons & Sons Trucking gets it there!

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Efficient & Effective

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Making Runs Throughout Maine

USDOT No. 1678390



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